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Private jet use growing in London news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd
United Kingdom

Business jet charter use is increasing in 2010 and the London based firm Jet Booking Direct have seen their profits rise by 41%.

The organisation has seen a growth in bookings that led to last weeks announcement of its increased profits this year.  The increased business has come from corporate and private clients seeing the benefits and ease of use of private jet charter.

Business jet travel rebounds

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Jet Airways achieves 4th quarter profit news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd

India's Jet Airways airline last week posted a 4th quarter profit that was 11% up on the same period last year. 

Net Income rose from $11.4 million to $12.57 million between January and March 2010.

They have also predicted continued growth, especially in the premium and business travel markets, as the global economic recovery continues.

Turkish Airlines set to lease aircraft news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd

Turkish Airlines announced last week that it is planning to lease three Airbus A320-200 aircraft and is hoping to receive them as early as the end of this month.

No confirmation was given on how long the aircraft would be required by Turkey's flag carrying airline but they are likely to be used for the duration of the European Summer season at the least.

The airline has signed contracts with Osprey Aircraft Leasing Ltd, Kuwait Turk One Ltd and Kuwait Turk Two Ltd to supply the aircraft.

Business Aviation sector enjoying fastest growth news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd

Ahead of this weeks EBACE show (European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition) in Geneva EUROCONTROL have issued new figures showing the growth of business aviation during March.  The report makes positive reading for this sector of the industry with a growth of 11%.

Early 2010 shows increase in international tourism news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd

The April interim update of the World Tourism Organization demonstrates a trend of growth in international tourism.  The update comes from the UNTWO World Tourism Barometer who predict this momentum will continue through 2010, resulting in an overall growth of between 3% and 4%.

London Oxford Airport sees growth in business aviation traffic news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd
United Kingdom

London Oxford Airport, unlike many other airports, saw a growth in jet traffic through the airfield in the period form April 2009 to March 2010.  Business Jet movements were up 12% while year-on-year non-resident aircraft movements grew 31.6%.

Fuel prices on the rise as airlines hope for brighter future news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd
United States

The first three months of 2010 have seen an improving picture in the air transport industry. Passenger and cargo traffic is starting to grow again and load factors are increasing for most airlines.

Senior Managers at all major airlines are hoping this situation will continue, allowing them to re-instate parked up aircraft and return their companies to profit. However, fuel prices have increased again casting further doubt over the health of the industry.

Airlines shares rise as airports reopen news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd
United Kingdom

Wednesday saw the first full day of open airports across the majority of Europe after six days of closures.  The impact on airports, airlines, passengers and other industries has been huge and it could take up to two weeks before normal operations return.

The International Air Transport Association, IATA, yesterday put a figure on the losses suffered by the airline industry of $1.7 billion.  This would be a problem for any industry, but the airlines were only just beginning to struggle their way out of a damaging recession.

JetBlue sees positive signs in March news on Flight Crew Finder Ltd
United States

JetBlue Airways enjoyed a successful month’s operations in March with capacity and load factor growing, when compared with the same month a year ago.  It is also showing higher traffic loads from the start of the year to the end of March than in 2009.

The New York based low cost carrier saw a year on year increase in revenue passenger mile of 9.1%.  Over the same period capacity rose 6.4% and load factor 2%.

The airlines load factor for the year so far stands at 76.8%, up from 76.0% a year earlier.

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